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The NBA Arrives In Fortnite
  1. Robohonin's Slant

    Robohonin's SlantPred 4 urami

    sad ps4 noises

  2. marcel107

    marcel107Pred 4 urami

    ich hasse appel deshalb

  3. Kung PowChiken

    Kung PowChikenPred 4 urami

    Split screen sucks because half the screen is taken up by the other persons skin icon


    DOG EL CRACKPred 4 urami

    i remember this being my fisrt win ever

  5. Josiah Bissoon

    Josiah BissoonPred 4 urami

    OK epic games I'm not sure if your reading this comment or if you will actually put this in the game but can you please bring back old battle passes. It would mean the world to me because I do not own the season x battle pass because I didn't really knew how fortnite works back then and I'm so sad I did not get it because my favorite skin is tilted technique with all the edit styles,so please bring it back.

  6. netrom mladek

    netrom mladekPred 4 urami

    Good old days...

  7. Maher Remlawe

    Maher RemlawePred 4 urami

    They didnt destry the zero point they stole it and put in the malla ship

  8. Hazardmaster

    HazardmasterPred 4 urami

    i miss season 2 somuch

  9. Albert Barbosa

    Albert BarbosaPred 4 urami

    épic games nerfa as naves

  10. Pikachu

    PikachuPred 4 urami

    1 year ago........... 🥺 the good old times

  11. Pikachu

    PikachuPred 4 urami

    1 year ago......🥺 the good old times

  12. Jayden Hernandez

    Jayden HernandezPred 4 urami

    Season 7 releases Me: cool 2 years later Chapter 2 season 7 Me: BOUT TO KILL A UFO

  13. iamfunko _

    iamfunko _Pred 4 urami

    Hi, I'm an Italian guy who's played this amazing game so much, it hurts a lot to see him fall for stupid reasons, so I'd like you to create a survey where you'll be treating these things: 1)Assisted aim it's too strong and EVERYONE would like it to disappear 2) the skins of superheroes that from consoles are totally invisible. Thank you for this amazing game.

  14. Joseph Smith

    Joseph SmithPred 4 urami

    Can u pls fix ur game I'm tired of getting UFO spammed every game

  15. Riz

    RizPred 5 urami

    Why does this exist?

  16. Mini_JA Playz

    Mini_JA PlayzPred 5 urami

    It been 3 years and this is on recommend

  17. goku 404

    goku 404Pred 5 urami

    Wow recommended in 2021???

  18. Pumpuy

    PumpuyPred 5 urami

    Wish We Could Turn Back Time...TO THE GOOD OLD DAYS...

  19. gacha blog9807

    gacha blog9807Pred 5 urami

    2 years from now it was actually a fun game

  20. issxcg

    issxcgPred 5 urami

    "aye pickaxe the tree until its 50 so people wont know we here"

  21. arad the dolphin

    arad the dolphinPred 5 urami

    I miss those days 😢

  22. Adaminator

    AdaminatorPred 5 urami

    Season 8 chapter 2 might be a Zero Point season or a Star Wars season, who inows

  23. Jazil

    JazilPred 5 urami

    Why is this recommend in 2021

  24. Sonic 30th

    Sonic 30thPred 5 urami

    Now we need salah fortnite

  25. Akhil

    AkhilPred 5 urami

    They even added crop circles thats crazy

  26. TerTor

    TerTorPred 6 urami

    My favourite football player

  27. salma

    salmaPred 6 urami


  28. Ninja hacker

    Ninja hackerPred 6 urami

    I understand The default have no skin and everyone has it

  29. PopcornPop 2.0

    PopcornPop 2.0Pred 6 urami

    Rvb 0 kinda really sucked

  30. Swedish Bread

    Swedish BreadPred 6 urami

    this things headshot damage was broken, one time when i played on 50v50, i accidentally headshot someone with my hand cannon

  31. Co Helmigh

    Co HelmighPred 7 urami

    Add toon Midas or bring back the Midas boss

  32. Loz817

    Loz817Pred 7 urami

    I just realised 26 secs deadpool behind peely

  33. mr proja

    mr projaPred 7 urami

    When fortnite makes trailer for everything Good days

  34. Alex Juan

    Alex JuanPred 7 urami


  35. Vincent Bouma

    Vincent BoumaPred 7 urami

    What is... ray tracing?

  36. Khaledar7

    Khaledar7Pred 7 urami

    Can we get creative in split screen plz

  37. Gluesniffer79

    Gluesniffer79Pred 8 urami

    creative is bunk now, no reason to keep this game around.

  38. lewisofthehoood

    lewisofthehooodPred 8 urami

    Ahh, I miss this so much!

  39. Iron Avenger

    Iron AvengerPred 8 urami

    Imagine seeing this now in season 7 chapter 2 and finally it’s in my recommended

  40. Noreyda Ramirez

    Noreyda RamirezPred 8 urami

    I remember that when I saying that momo was real and then we wend home and new season

  41. deadpoolpop

    deadpoolpopPred 8 urami

    Of course this is the most viewed season of Fortnite since it took a long time to create. Literally had to wait for this season for i think almost 3 months. 😆

  42. Oda Number Yes✨

    Oda Number Yes✨Pred 8 urami

    Omg am I the only one who cant be happy for other seasons because the expectations are too high because of this season

  43. Samiya Alaghbari

    Samiya AlaghbariPred 8 urami


  44. Munke

    MunkePred 8 urami

    The day fortnite died

  45. Angel Malvaez

    Angel MalvaezPred 8 urami


  46. Ismael Mendez jr

    Ismael Mendez jrPred 8 urami

    This is the last season we don’t know yet 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰😰

  47. JefferyEpsteinGaming

    JefferyEpsteinGamingPred 8 urami

    nigga was twerking

  48. Jasowan_

    Jasowan_Pred 8 urami

    best season

  49. Jasowan_

    Jasowan_Pred 8 urami

    Why isn't this on spotify anymore?

  50. Carlo Gido

    Carlo GidoPred 8 urami

    i just wanna go back...

  51. GhazeliO

    GhazeliOPred 8 urami

    Best vehicle in the game. Prove me wrong.

  52. Jeffry Castillo

    Jeffry CastilloPred 9 urami


  53. Johann Vincent

    Johann VincentPred 9 urami

    goodbye S6 u will not be missed.

  54. Fortcraft_0xxlol

    Fortcraft_0xxlolPred 9 urami

    2017 og Fortnite plz

  55. Relic

    RelicPred 9 urami

    I’m writing this as it will soon be the 1 year “anniversary” of season 3, when life was simpler, just excitement, this is one of the most underrated seasons for me and I would do anything to go back to this. I remember this day clear af. From waking up at 7 AM updating it and hoping onto Twitter looking at all the new things! I was so hyped. I don’t have that with this game anymore, I wish it would change.

  56. Fortcraft_0xxlol

    Fortcraft_0xxlolPred 9 urami

    Put og Fortnite plz

  57. RGZ

    RGZPred 9 urami


  58. RGZ

    RGZPred 9 urami


  59. RGZ

    RGZPred 9 urami


  60. The Aussie Outback Skirmishers

    The Aussie Outback SkirmishersPred 9 urami

    😭😭Plz…. Take me back. Plz🥺



    I'm watching this in season 17

  62. Kurt Lucas Manzano

    Kurt Lucas ManzanoPred 9 urami

    0:28 No one's talking about how that tactical shotgun sounded like a pump?

  63. Pred 9 urami

    i'm sad now :(

  64. YoXzn

    YoXznPred 9 urami

    I remember me and my friends on xbox in a party looking through the new battlepass and looking at drifts variants and being like “OH MY GOD IT GETS BETTER YOOOO ITS THE HOKAGEE WE CAN BE NARUTO!!!” And we would be like i am de mastah and killing eachother in playground fighting just to become the hokage

  65. HelloItzDeclan

    HelloItzDeclanPred 9 urami

    Talk bout’ dat music at the start

  66. MoDraws

    MoDrawsPred 9 urami

    I'm watching this in chapter 2 season 7 😂😂😂

  67. Brani

    BraniPred 9 urami


  68. Brani

    BraniPred 9 urami


  69. YoXzn

    YoXznPred 9 urami

    Good times, Good times.

  70. DemonFlex-

    DemonFlex-Pred 9 urami

    Epic games plz get back the # OG MAP AND OLD GUNS_ -_^

  71. Angel Velasquez

    Angel VelasquezPred 9 urami

    1 year ago damn

  72. Angel Velasquez

    Angel VelasquezPred 9 urami

    1 year ago damn time past by so fast

  73. Young Daniel

    Young DanielPred 9 urami

    2021 😂

  74. Im not garfield

    Im not garfieldPred 9 urami

    Gold old days

  75. Dudeplayz Gaming

    Dudeplayz GamingPred 9 urami

    1 day more for that 1 year anniversary

  76. Celeste Cheah

    Celeste CheahPred 9 urami

    Fortnite please put Midas and meowscles in item shop again QwQ

  77. Twisty

    TwistyPred 9 urami

    This season's as boring as the last... I might enjoy it later but idk